Spring 2017 Registration

Registration for the Spring 2017 Season is now available.   

The season runs from 3/6/2017-6/10/2017

There are 4 registration options for rowers: 

  1. 9th through 12th Grade, at least one season – $500 + $100 volunteer deposit
  2. 9th through 12th Grade, NEW Rower – $250
  3. 7th and 8th Grade, Returning Rower- $250
  4. 7th and 8th Grade, NEW Rower- $150

7th and 8th Grade registration has a more flexible reimbursement policy, 100% if made within the first 4 weeks versus prorated from 3/6/2016.  There is a late fee of $100 for registrations not completed by 3/3/2016 for returning 9-12th grade returning rowers.  Registration must be completed prior to participation.

Each family is expected to volunteer for 10 hours (this is not per rower).  There is a $100 deposit that is collected during registration.  This deposit is refundable following completion of the 10 hours of service.  The $100 deposit is not collected for new rowers or 7th and 8th graders.

Returning rowers may have positive account balances as a result of last year’s fundraising events, volunteer hours and/or erg deposits.  To apply your balance to the registration fee you will need to request a Coupon from the Treasurer (send an email request to treasurer@arlingtoncrew.org).   There is also a 10% discount per rower for families with more than one rower.  You will need a Coupon if you need to apply the 10% discount.

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Fall News and Practice Schedule

Fall Fundraisers

  1. We have our Turkey Raffle
  2. We have our first 50/50 Holiday raffle, winners could potentially win up t0 $5,000


Fall Practice Schedule

Girls Varsity Team: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5pm-7pm. Saturday and Sunday 7am-9am

Boys Varsity Team:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6pm-8pm. Saturday practice will be added if needed.


Learn to Row: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5pm to 7pm. Sunday 6am-8am.


Fall Season Updates
*Fall registration is now open until September 10th without penalty.
*The season will begin on Tuesday, September 6th at 17:00 at the Boathouse.
* Anyone needing a Uni($86) or Banana shirt($36) must have their order into Stephanie Luciano by 9/12. You can email her at slucianocrew@gmail.com
* Returning Parents Meeting  will take place on Tuesday at 18:30. Turkey raffle tickets will be available for $20. Car stickers will also be available for $5, $10.
* We will be hosting an Open House for new rowers on Friday, September 16th 6:00pm-8:00pm (18:00-20:00), and Saturday, September 17th 7:00am-9:00am. (This is a change in date) We will be providing information, giving tours of the facility, and giving new families the opportunity to see rowers in action.  We will also have the food tent set up.  We are looking for volunteers for these dates. If you are interested in helping, please contact Dana DiRubbo- crewmom05@gmail.com.
* Please check out our calendar on the website to see our busy schedule. We begin racing on September 24th in Saratoga.
* Erg rentals should be returned on September 6th at the first practice.
* Clothing orders, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, will be available on the website tomorrow. Orders must be in by September 9th. Order forms should be placed in the black box in our bay or given to Stephanie Luciano
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Check out our calendar to view the races scheduled for the season! Register today for a busy and exciting season!

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Fall 2016 Learn to Row Program

Registration is available for the Fall 2016 Learn to Row  program.  The Learn to Row Program is open to all ACSD 7th through 12th graders.  The cost is $250 and runs from 9/6/2016 to 11/5/2016.  Rowers in the Learn to Row Program will learn the fundamentals of rowing.   Rowers will not participate in any of the fall races, but will develop the necessary skills to compete on Arlington’s team in the Spring 2017.  For those that want to learn to row, but cannot commit to a eight week program, please consider HRRA’s two week learn to row program which runs from 9/7/2016 to 9/21/2016 which costs $175.

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2016 US Rowing Waiver Instructions

In addition to registration with Arlington Rowing Association, each rower needs to complete their US Rowing Waiver.  Instructions are available here:


Returning rowers that have completed their 2016 USRA Waiver in the Spring of 2016  are all set do not need to redo their waiver.  New rowers in the Learn to Row Program need to provide confirmations of completed wiavers to their coach by September 10th.

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Register for Arlington Crew Today

Are you interested in joining Arlington Crew?  Do you have questions?  If so, you can contact our President, Dave Dittmann.  His cell phone number is 845-235-4892 and his home phone number is 845-473-6211.

Watch Arlington Crew rowers in action:



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Rower Recruitment Incentive Program

In an effort to increase the quantity of new 8th and 9th grade rowers (especially new boys), the Arlington Rowing Association implemented a Rower Recruitment Incentive Program.  The following are details of the program:

  • Applies to registrations of new rowers for the Novice Programs and 8th Grade Learn to Row Program
  • The new Rower needs to register online and indicate in the registraion the name of the existing rower that recruited him/her
  • The existing rower that recruited the new rower receives a credit to their account at end of season (the new rower needs to complete the season)
  • The incentive rates are 10% for new Boy and 8% for new Girl (i.e. Novice Boy = 10% of $500 = $50, 8th Grade Learn to Row Girl = 8% of $200 = $16, etc.)
  • Please direct any questions to the Arlington Rowing Association President or Treasurer.
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Join Our Mailing List

In an effort to improve communications with our membership, we have switched to a new mail service provider.  To join our mailing list, click on the Mailing List menu item above.  Thank you.

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