Boathouse Info



  • A RED Emergency Call Box is located on the riverside of the main building, outside under the deck to the left of the lobby doors. This Call Box links the caller directly to the 911 system and is the preferred method of contacting 911 when at the boathouse.
  • An AED is located in a WHITE BOX inside the lobby on the street side of the main building to the left of the lobby doors.




  • Take Main Street (City of Poughkeepsie) to North Water Street (between Dooley Square and River Station Restaurant). Turn right onto North Water St. Follow all the way to gate at end of road (railroad tracks will be on your right). Follow road on Vassar waterfront property passed the��HRRA Boathouse to the parking lot at the south end.

Traffic Flow and Regulations:

  • The speed limit on the access road and around the boathouse is fifteen miles per hour (15mph). Metro North Police or Vassar Security have the right to ticket those who do not adhere to the speed limit. Obey the STOP SIGN outside the Metro North Building along the top road.
    • Be cautious of people and cars entering and exiting the Metro North Building.
    • Be cautious of runners along the side of the road.
  • Parking, Stopping and/or Standing are prohibited on any part of the boathouse access road between the bottom of the access road hill and the north edge of the boathouse.
  • All student/athlete/rower drop offs and pick ups shall be at the southwest corner of the HRRA Boathouse (closest to the water). DO NOT pick up your athlete along the road behind the boathouse.
  • The parking lot has a traffic pattern that loops around counterclockwise, providing a continuous path through the lot. DO NOT block this path.


  • All vehicles shall park in designated parking areas only.
  • All parking spaces at the rear of the HRRA Boathouse Building are designated as “Coach Only” or handicapped parking. DO NOT park in these spaces unless you have an HRRA parking pass or a handicap parking permit.


    • “Coach Only” spots are spray painted “COACH” on the asphalt.
  • The paved and gravel parking area immediately south of the HRRA Boathouse is designated as visitor/student/athlete/rower/parent parking.
  • Parking on any portion of the Vassar Boathouse property is prohibited. These are the brown buildings just north of our boathouse.
  • Parking on any grass, unimproved, or unpaved area is prohibited unless under the direction of parking attendants for races.
  • Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas are subject to being towed.
  • DO NOT double park behind any parked cars.



  • The Hudson River Rowing Association spearheaded and coordinated the construction and fundraising required to build the Hudson River Rowing Boathouse and owns and operates the facility for the benefit of the entire rowing community. The HRRA Boathouse serves two purposes – to store over a hundred rowing shells and support equipment for nine Hudson Valley rowing clubs and to provide a rowing center to train 600 athletes each year.
  • Storage of shells is provided through six storage bays that are 85 feet long and 25 feet wide. Each bay has modular Fred Hill boat racks suited to the needs of each tenant. These racks accommodate eight, 60 foot shells or a combination of fours, eights and small shells that can include up to 32 shells per wall. The racks have sliding arms to facilitate removal of the shells from the stack and rowers will use boat lifts to access the high racks. Each bay has vertical oar storage, workbench, electricity and lighting, water faucet, two standard doors and a lift type garage door.
  • A heated, two story facility was designed for training teams and support activities. The building has rest rooms with toilets, sinks, showers and lockers as well as a main lobby with water fountains, bulletin boards and eventually a trophy case. Through the lobby rowers access the “tank” room, which has an eight station, indoor sweep rowing tank that can also be modified for sculling. This unique training tool is usually available only to college programs and a handful of community rowing clubs throughout the country and will provide a training edge to our local coaches that is unprecedented for most scholastic and community rowing teams.
  • The training facility also contains a coach’s room for meetings and planning as well as a second story community room for exercising, meetings, fundraisers and social gatherings. A beautiful Hudson River view and a second story, covered porch is accessible through three french doors in the Community Room. The porch provides a sheltered patio off the lobby as well as a perfect view of the river and docks.
  • The 180 foot sullivan dock has two 25’ ramps leading to a landing pad and a landing platform that can launch 3 eights at a time.
  • The paved and gravel parking lots park six or more shell trailers, 140 cars and provide bus access. The entire facility is well lit and contains an alarm system for fire and theft. The training facility contains a sprinkler system as well.
  • The boathouse may be reached through multiple exits off route 9 or the foot of Main Street in the City of Poughkeepsie and it is only a mile from the Poughkeepsie Train Station and Metro North.