Arlington Rowing Association, Inc

ARA Mission and Programs:

Beginning in 1950 the Arlington School District adopted a program that allowed the sport of rowing to become part of the high school athletic landscape. Under the direction of the Arlington Rowing Association, Inc. (ARA) that tradition continues today. Arlington Rowing Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation (nonprofit) and can receive tax deductible contributions from individuals and businesses who would like to support local rowers.

Our Mission:

The Arlington Rowing Association exists for the sole purpose of coordinating the efforts necessary to support our team. Through the combined efforts of the ARA’s officers, trustees, coaching staff, faculty liaison and many parents; we buy, sell, repair, and maintain equipment, conduct vital fundraising campaigns, publish a newsletter, provide wholesome meals at rowing events and proudly cheer on our athletes as they compete.

ByLaws, updated, August, 2015

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ARA Programs:

ARA offers a fall rowing program which is solely managed by the association. The fall program is open to Arlington High School students as well as the 8th graders in the Arlington Central School District. Coaching staff, purchases and maintenance of equipment are covered by nonrefundable program fees and donations. ARA provides transportation of the shells (boats) to and from races. Each rower/coxswain must arrange transportation to and from practices, and to and from races.Overnight stays are not required for fall races with the exception of the Head of the Charles in Boston. Additional monies are required for a uniform (typically a one time purchase) and food. A swimming waiver signed by a parent or guardian is required in the fall.

In the spring, Arlington Crew is offered as a club sport through the Arlington Central School District (ACSD). We compete in several major rowing events in the northeast. The team consists of Arlington High School students. Varsity rowers/coxswains receive a Varsity Letter for their participation in the sport. The school district provides coaching staff, transportation to practices, transportation to and from races, and transportation of the shells (boats) to races. Additional staff, purchases and maintenance of equipment are covered by nonrefundable program fees and donations. In addition to the program fees, rowers/coxswains are required to purchase a uniform and pay for food and lodging at races. In the spring, there is a required swim test for prospective rowers/coxswains.

Each season several fund raisers are held. The majority of these fund raisers benefit the individual rowers/coxswains who participate.

Novice Crew at Arlington:

Novice denotes a first year rower/coxswain (not your academic year). As novice, you learn about the sport, technique and terminology. Novice will learn to row or cox on the egometers (land rowing machines), rowing tanks, then on the water. No previous experience or boating knowledge is required to be a successful rower; it just takes effort, commitment, and a lot of fun. The first year rowing is all about learning and participation. We make a strong effort to give everyone the opportunity to row on the water during practice (weather permitting) and to participate in regattas (races).

“See you at the river.”