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ARA Program Information

Thank you for your interest in the Arlington Rowing Association, Inc. (ARA). We hope you will become excited and impassioned by the rowing sport of the Hudson Valley Region.

As with all the area scholastic rowing programs, ARA is primarily funded through dues and donations. ARA is now a 501(c)(3) corporation and can receive tax deductible contributions from individuals and businesses who would like to support local rowers.

The rowing community consists of all area scholastic teams (Arlington, Roosevelt, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Our Lady of Lourdes, Wappingers,  and Spackenkill), the Hudson River Rowing Association (HRRA), as well as Mid-Hudson Rowing Association (MHRA sculling). Through these programs, rowers can participate during spring, summer and fall seasons.

Spring programs consist of adult leagues through HRRA and  MHRA, and all scholastic teams. During the spring, Arlington Crew is a treated as a team sport offered through the Arlington Central School District (ACSD). The district furnishes coaching staff, transportation to practice, transportation to and from races, and transportation of the shells (boats) to races. Additional staff, purchases and maintenance of equipment are covered by the non-refundable member dues and donations. Additional monies are required by the rowers for uniforms (typically a one time purchase) ,and for  food and lodging at the races. This information concerning food and lodging will be provided by the coaches prior to the weekend races. In the spring, there is a swim test requirement for prospective rowers.

At the AHS Spring Sport Awards Assembly,  varsity letters and pins are presented to our athletes. In addition,  ARA holds it’s own ceremony and presents awards to deserving rowers as follows:

Oarsman and Oarswoman of the Year
Outstanding Rower Award
Patrick Furr Spirit Award

HRRA runs a summer program where rowers from age 12 through adult can participate in the Learn To Row or the Intermediate or Competitive levels. For more information, check their web site at

Fall programs consist of ARA, HRRA for adults and other area scholastic rowers, and MHRA. The Arlington Crew fall season is run as a club and is governed solely by the ARA. The ACSD does not provide any funding or transportation during the fall season. All expenses for coaching, purchases and maintenance of equipment, etc., are funded through non-refundable member dues and donations.  Rowers are responsible for transportation to and from the fall races.�� It is prohibited, however, for rowers to drive themselves to or from away races. Most fall races do not require overnight stays. Rowers are also expected to provide monies for food. A swim waiver signed by the athlete’s parent or guardian is required in the fall.

Because of the uniqueness of crew, there is nothing set in stone. Schedules will be made available when they are known. Due to the character of the Hudson River, a rower may not be able to participate in a boat every day and land training may make up the majority of the crew practices. ATTENDANCE, PERFORMANCE and ATTITUDE are factors that the coaching staff uses to make up the boats for racing day. The boat setup is ultimately the coaching staff’s decision.

As in other school sports, alcohol and drug use are not tolerated. Rowers will be eliminated from the team if found to be in use of illegal substances. As well, anyone found on or near the train tracks near the boathouse will be dropped from the team.

Parent volunteers are an essential part of this sport. The Arlington Rowing Association, Inc board is comprised solely of volunteers. The success of many of our events relies on having enough volunteers to run them. They are needed for Land Supervision, Overnight Trip Chaperones, Food Tent workers, and Fundraiser workers.

Questions, comments, or for information, contact us at

We operate as tenant’s of the Community Boathouse (opened in April 2006)

Thank You! – The Board of Arlington Rowing Association, Inc.

Meal Service Overview

The Arlington Rowing Association Board  and Food Committee strive to provide healthy, nutritious foods for our athletes.  We think our athletes deserve the best.

Breakfast, lunch and all day snacking are served at most away races .  We choose not to make a profit on the food sales; we merely charge to cover the cost of the food and kitchen supplies. The Food Committees’ planning, shopping, preparation and serving skills are all volunteer. We encourage and welcome parent volunteers whether for 15 minutes or an entire race. Every little bit helps.