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Arlington Crew – The Rules




  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances and/or illegal drugs and substances by any athlete is prohibited both in-season and off season. Any infractions of this rule MAY result in dismissal from the team
  • At ALL TIMES, both in-season and off season, you will conduct yourself in a courteous, civil and proper manner as befitting an Arlington athlete. This includes at practices, at races, at school, at the mall, on-line, and in any face-to-face, personal, voice or electronic communications. You are representing your team, your school, and your community. The first quality a coach will look for in an athlete is sportsmanship
    • If you think it’s wrong, it probably is, so don’t do it


  • TEAM first! Crew is a team sport, NOT an individual star sport. You are expected to support your team, to assist your teammates, to help in all the work your sport requires – moving equipment, loading and unloading the trailer, etc.


  1. All rowers will be required to complete the on-line waivers by the end of the second week of practice. The waivers are required by all races and HRRA.
  2. There is no profane, obscene, derogatory, insulting, or discourteous language, gestures, or hand signs allowed at any time or under any circumstances.
  3. Obey all speed limit and traffic control signs and devices when driving on the boathouse site.
  4. Stay off the railroad tracks at all times. There is absolutely no reason to be on or crossing the track.
  5. Stay off the Marist Campus. The only time you should be on the campus is when you are on a run.
  6. Boat line ups are the responsibility of the coaching staff only.
  7. Parents are requested not to disturb, hover over, coach, or interact with the athletes during practices, especially when erg pieces are being conducted. Please let the coach do his/her job.
  8. The instruction(s) given by any adult that is assisting the coaching staff with land training or other land activities are to be complied with by the athletes under their supervision.
  9. Dress appropriately and bring all necessary equipment. Bring clothes appropriate for the weather (rain gear for rain, heavy clothes for cold weather, etc.)
  10. Athletes arriving at the boathouse prior to scheduled practice times are to stay in the area of the boathouse and not interfere with, participate in, or hang around other practices that may be going on at that time. This time should be used to warm up, complete your homework, or do stretching routines.
  11. Attendance is important. Be on time for practice. Tardiness 15 minutes or more counts as an absence. You are expected to attend all races and practices. Failure to do so will affect seat and boat placement.
  12. At the beginning of practice, take all of the launches and your assigned set of oars out of the house. At the end of practice put the launches and all other equipment back in the house. You cannot leave until ALLthe equipment is put away and the coach informs you that you can leave.
  13. When ANYcoach is talking you are to keep quiet, whether or not the coach is talking to you. When moving boats in or out of the boathouse there is no talking allowed. If your hands are on a boat (or should be on a boat) your mouth is shut. The only person who should be talking is the Coxswain.
  14. FOR EVERY PRACTICE, bring a REUSABLE non plastic water bottle with water (minimum one liter), running shoes, snug fitting shorts, and a T-shirt. Also, since this is a water sport and you are likely to get wet, you should bring a complete set of dry clothes to every practice and race.
  15. No cell phones, MP-3 players, I-Pods, or any other such devices are allowed on the water at any time.This includes the coxswain. Also, you are not allowed to use these devices when doing an erg piece. You should be concentrating on perfecting your stroke, not mindlessly yanking on the erg handle. If you bring any of these items to practice make sure you have a secure place to store them while you are on the water so that they will not get misplaced, lost or stolen.
  16. Non-rowing equipment/items are prohibited from boathouse i.e. soccer balls, footballs, skateboards, etc. They will be confiscated by the coaching staff.
  17. The boathouse is our home. It���s cleanliness and neatness is a direct reflection on the team. Every squad will be assigned cleaning duties at some point during the season. Participation in cleaning is mandatory for every member of Arlington Crew.

Crew is a synchronized endurance team sport. Coaches will be looking for specific abilities, attitudes, qualities, and a 100% level of commitment. The absence of a high level of any of these traits could affect your position in a boat and on the team. Attendance at all practices is mandatory; it will be a major factor in compiling boat line ups.